The Only Way To Prevent Avocados From Browning Too Quickly


Avocados, a.k.a. buttery fruits, are delicious and nutritious staples used in a variety of dishes and spreads. However, a common challenge many people face when working with avocados is how to prevent them from browning too quickly due to oxidation. Here’s the one and only way to keep avocados from turning brown too rapidly:

1. Use plastic wrap and eliminate air:

When you’ve cut avocados into small portions or have some leftovers, tightly wrap them with plastic wrap. Ensure minimal air comes into contact with the surface of the avocado, as oxygen in the air is the primary cause of oxidation and browning. Make sure to remove all air from the storage bag or container before sealing it.

2. Use lemon juice or keep the avocado pit:

Another method for preserving avocados is to add a little lemon juice to the surface of the avocado or keep the avocado pit. Lemon juice has acidic properties that help prevent oxidation and keep the surface of the avocado looking fresher for a longer period. Alternatively, you can keep the avocado pit and place it in the storage bag to prevent air from coming into contact with the flesh.

3. Store at a lower temperature:

Keep in mind that avocados tend to oxidize faster at room temperature. Therefore, store avocados in the refrigerator if you won’t be using them immediately. Cold storage slows down the oxidation process and helps avocados maintain their fresh color for a longer time.

4. Use promptly:

Lastly, the best way to prevent avocados from browning is to use them promptly. Avocado browning often occurs when they are exposed to air for an extended period. So, plan to use avocados in your dishes as soon as you’ve cut them.

Remember that avocados may still brown slightly over time, but these measures will help extend their freshness and maintain their vibrant color for longer.

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