Unit Converter

Unit Converter

The milliliters (ml) to ounces (oz) and vice versa conversion tool is a simple yet practical application that allows users to effortlessly convert between two common units of volume: milliliters and ounces.

Quick conversion chart of ml to oz

1 ml to oz = 0.03381 oz

10 ml to oz = 0.33814 oz

20 ml to oz = 0.67628 oz

30 ml to oz = 1.01442 oz

40 ml to oz = 1.35256 oz

50 ml to oz = 1.6907 oz

100 ml to oz = 3.3814 oz

200 ml to oz = 6.7628 oz

Key Features:

  • Dual Unit Conversion: Enables users to input values in milliliters or ounces and automatically converts to the other unit.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Clear input fields and an easily accessible conversion button.
  • Accurate Results: Displays precise conversion results, rounded to appropriate decimal places.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the value in the “Enter value” field as milliliters or ounces.
  2. Choose the desired conversion type by selecting from the “Choose conversion” dropdown list.
  3. Click the “Convert” button to see the conversion result.


  • Handy Utility: Assists users in converting between two widely used and essential volume measurements.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple design, easy for everyone to use.
  • Accurate Output: Presents accurately converted results in an understandable manner.

Everyday Use:

This conversion tool finds extensive use in medical, culinary, baking, and fields requiring precise volume measurements, especially when switching between Metric and Imperial measurement systems.


The milliliters to ounces conversion tool is a convenient and straightforward utility, enabling users to effortlessly switch between these common units of volume measurement, ensuring convenience and accuracy in daily tasks.

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