Grams to Tablespoons Converter

Grams to Tablespoons Converter

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Gram to Tablespoon Converter – Your Convenient Kitchen Companion

Are you in search of a simple and effective conversion tool to ensure accuracy in your cooking endeavors? Explore our Gram to Tablespoon Converter! This online application provides a convenient way to convert ingredient quantities from grams to tablespoons and vice versa.


Convert from Grams to Tablespoons – Precise Input, Accurate Results

Our Gram to Tablespoon Converter offers a quick and user-friendly method to convert ingredient quantities in your recipes. With a friendly interface and precise input, you can trust accurate results every time you use it.

For Every Ingredient – Diverse Conversion Ratios

Beyond supporting basic conversions like water, sugar, or butter, our tool provides conversion ratios for various ingredients such as milk, flour, salt, and more. Feel confident using this tool for any ingredient in your kitchen.

Flexible and Online – Use Anywhere, Anytime

With a flexible interface, our converter is optimized to display well on various devices — from computers to mobile phones and iPads. This flexibility allows you to use it anywhere, ensuring convenience in every situation.

Simple and Convenient – For Every Cook

No need for in-depth cooking knowledge; our Gram to Tablespoon Converter is designed to cater to every cook, from beginners to seasoned chefs. Just input the grams, select the ingredient, and receive instant, accurate results.

Get Started:

Effortlessly convert ingredient quantities with our Gram to Tablespoon Converter. Start now to enjoy a smooth and successful cooking experience.

If you want a quick comparison, use the table below that sums up how much one tablespoon of different products weights:

Ingredient 1 US tbsp
1 tbsp (15 ml)
Water 14.8 g 15 g
Milk 15.2 g 15.5 g
Flour 8.9 g 9 g
Sugar 12.5 g 12.7 g
Salt 18 g 18.3 g
Honey 21 g 21.3 g
Butter 14.2 g 14.4 g
Oil 13 g 13.2 g
Cacao 7.7 g 7.8 g
Nutella 18.6 g 19 g
Maple syrup 19.5 g 19.8 g

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